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Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.

You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the QCE, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions.

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Ultimate US & UK University Summit (Posted: 03/06/2020)

Crimson education will be hosting a range of online information sessions regarding overseas study opportunities. See below for more information.
The US & UK Ultimate Summit | June 27-28
Experts with years of university admission experience will be sharing their knowledge on how students can find their voice and passions to truly stand out in the US & UK university application.

US Sport Scholarships - How the NCAA is Tackling COVID-19 | JUNE 16
Sports teams across the US have been impacted by COVID-19 and athletes preparing to apply overseas need up to date information. This webinar will be hosted by Crimson Athletics Director, Tessa Berger, and recent Harvard grad and field hockey player, Maddie Earle.

Engineering 101 - Insights from MIT | JUNE 17
For students in Years 9-12 with an interest in engineering, this session with current MIT student, John Poliniak, is a must-attend. John will give students a high-level introduction to the main branches of engineering, future job prospects, and what students can do now to further their interests.

Why Year 9 & 10 Matters - Pathways to Harvard, Oxford and Beyond | JUNE 20
And lastly, this event is for younger students to help them see the bigger picture of what it takes to gain admission to top US/UK unis. We'll be discussing how students can apply with an ATAR or IB score, extracurricular involvement, and how to research their pathway independently.
  • .

ACU online events (Posted: 02/06/2020)

Talk with Lawyers - Bachelor of Laws new to Brisbane 2021
Join us online to hear from interstate ACU alumni about their experiences working in legal practice. Take part in a Q&A session with our graduates to find out where a law degree can take you.
Wednesday 3 June 2020
Register now
Study at ACU - Ask an ACU student
Find out what life’s really like at university. Tune in to hear a panel of current ACU students share their experiences. They’ll discuss everything from timetabling, to life/study balance, social events, sports and how they get the most out of every day. There will also be time to ask the panel your questions about life at uni.
Tuesday 16 June 2020
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Placements and Internships with ACU Wednesday 15 July at 5.00pm

Torrens University interactive online workshops (Posted: 01/06/2020)

Don't forget to update me

Access to a range of seminars (Posted: 27/05/2020)

Tertiary studies expo might not be happening this year, but the organisers have put together a website that will allow you to access a wider varity of seminars and recordings all in one place. 

This is a valuable resource for students to access and it's all free. Check it out at:

Are you in year 12 and considering Flinders Uni in SA? (Posted: 27/05/2020)

Flinders University will once again be offering uniTEST to Year 12 students as an entry pathway for 2021.

uniTEST is an aptitude test that has been developed to assess the kinds of generic reasoning and thinking skills that underpin studies at higher education and that are needed for students to be successful at this level. uniTEST is offered to your students at no cost and they cannot be disadvantaged by participating.

Flinders University will select applicants based on both their Year 12 results (60% weighting toward the ATAR selection rank) and uniTEST results (40%). NEW for 2021- Flinders will also consider applicants based on their uniTEST results (100%) as a standalone entry score (subject to SACE completion and any course pre-requisites or specific admissions requirements).

Since 2014 over 1,000 students have received an offer to their preferred course at Flinders University based on their uniTEST results.  This includes popular courses such as Law, Psychology, Medical Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Paramedic Science, and Speech Pathology.

If you are interested in finding out more - please contact Mrs Staley


BOND 2021 Year 12 Entry Requirements (Posted: 25/05/2020)

To ensure Year 12 students are not disadvantaged by the current circumstances, Bond University will be accepting applications from Year 12 students based on their first semester results.

These special entry requirements include all undergraduate programs, with the exception of the Bond Medical Program.
You can read more on our dedicated webpage.

In addition, Year 12 students and their parents are invited to join a Webinar, especially for them, on Wednesday, 27 May from 5.30 - 6.30pm (AEST).

Register here.

ANU's College of Engineering and Computer Science webinars (Posted: 20/05/2020)

ANU invite you to an informative webinar series hosted by the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  Each webinar will focus on a specific topic including student life at ANU, ANU areas of expertise, courses, structure and career outcomes. You will be able to ask their academics, students and staff any questions about studying at ANU.

The webinars are:

02/06/2020     Discover Engineering at ANU - A unique interdisciplinary and systems approach to engineering that develops world-class skills and expertise to be job-ready. 

Griffith Uni Tertiary Preparation Workshop for entry to the Bachelor of Music (Posted: 20/05/2020)

The Conservatorium offers Tertiary Preparation Workshops to help you stand out from the pack at your audition for the Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University.

If you are in your final years of high school or know someone wanting to apply for entry to a university music degree, this program can help you better prepare for the theoretical and practical requirements of the audition process.
The workshop will run from 29 June – 3 July 2020. For more information visit their 
event information page.


QCE Beyond Virtual Careers Expo (Posted: 20/05/2020)

InspireED are holding the QCE and Beyond virtual careers expo on Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 June. The expo will connect Years 10 - 12  students and parents with leading educational providers.The expo will feature:
  • Live chat with expert teachers and universities
  • Access study resources in all major subjects
  • View and participate in live webinars
  • Chat with teachers, counsellors and university course advisors
  • Parents can download tips and strategies to support their child
  • Parent specific videos and participate in live webinars
Click here to register.

Mater Education high school health adventure (Posted: 20/05/2020)

Are you a Year 10, 11 or 12 student thinking about a career as a health professional?

If so, this program is for you! The High School Health Adventure program is a three day hands on immersive experience so you can find out about the exciting opportunities available in a variety of healthcare professions.
This program will use simulation to provide an experience of what ‘a day in the life’ of a healthcare professional might look like.  You will work within a unique curriculum designed to follow simulated “patients” on their journey through the healthcare system.
The program covers emergency and critical care, surgical, obstetrics and provide a forum to understand academic pathways required to become a health professional.
Start Date End Date Location Cost Actions
01 Jul 2020 03 Jul 2020 South Brisbane $499.00 Apply Now
08 Jul 2020 10 Jul 2020 South Brisbane $499.00 Apply Now
21 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020 South Brisbane $499.00 Apply Now
28 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020 South Brisbane $499.00 Apply Now

Click here for more information.

The hotel school webinar and resources (Posted: 19/05/2020)

Do you dream of a successful career in tourism and hospitalty management?
The Hotel school is  
the only school in the world jointly owned by a five-star hotel investor and a public university

Click here to learn how you can build a 5 star career in business tourism and hotel management.

Watch the webinar below to learn more

UQ twilight talks (Posted: 18/05/2020)

If you’re a QLD Year 11 or 12 student currently in high school, sign up for any of our free talks presented by our leading experts.

Further improve your understanding of content and concepts you would be learning in class, while immersing in an authentic undergraduate science learning experience.

Twilight talks are livestreamed from 5pm to 5.45pm AEST on the dates listed in the link below unless indicated otherwise.
ZOOM links are provided to you based on the talks that you register for. You may register for multiple talks.

Recordings will be made available during the upcoming term holidays for those who are unable to join in person, but you should register in order to get notified.
There is a huge list of topics to choose from. For more detailed information on each topic and to register, go to: Click on the registration page for more information

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QLD Schools TERM 2 WEEK 7

___3 June 2020 (Wednesday) Syllabuses: EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE; MARINE SCIENCE
The Southern Ocean and its role in climate change over the glacial cycle - what microfossils have told us
Vikki Lowe, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

4 June 2020 (Thursday) Syllabus: PHYSICS
Quantum and gravitational physics - what do we know?
Dr Magdalena Zych, School of Mathematics and Physics

5 June 2020 (Friday) Syllabus: GEOGRAPHY
The Smart City: Friend of Foe?
Dr Dorina Pojani, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

6 June 2020 (Saturday 2 to 3.30pm) Syllabus: BIOLOGY
The Biology of Viruses: Cladistics, CRISPR and COVID19
Dr Gurion Ang, School of Biological Sciences

QLD Schools TERM 2 WEEK 8
8 June 2020 (Monday) Syllabus: GEOGRAPHY
Megacities of the World and their past, present, and future
Dr Thomas Sigler, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

The basics of protected area design and evaluation
Dr Caitie Kuempel, School of Biological Sciences

10 June 2020 (Wednesday) Syllabus: GEOGRAPHY
How do demographic processes cause variation in the spatial distributions of global populations?


11 June 2020 (Thursday) Syllabus: EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE
Under Pressure: Examining the processes and features of Earth’s weather 
Andrew Schwartz, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

12 June 2020 (Friday) Syllabus: PHYSICS
Optical Tweezers in Zebrafish
Dr Itia Favre-Bulle, School of Mathematics and Physics

13 June 2020 (Saturday 2 to 3.30pm) Syllabus: BIOLOGY
(repeated) The Biology of Viruses: Cladistics, CRISPR and COVID19
Dr Gurion Ang, School of Biological Sciences

QLD Schools TERM 2 WEEK 9
15 June 2020 (Monday) Syllabus: GEOGRAPHY
International migration: trends and prospects
Dr Aude Bernard, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

16 June 2020 (Tuesday) Syllabuses: FOOD & NUTRITION; AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE
How does food become contaminated? An overview of the food chain and how potential sources of contamination can occur
Julie Gruenfeldova, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
17 June 2020 (Wednesday) Syllabus: GEOGRAPHY
Causes of internal migration
Dr Elin Charles-Edwards, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

18 June 2020 (Thursday) Syllabus: AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE, FOOD & NUTRITION
Animal Welfare measurement
Dr Edward Narayan, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

18 June 2020 (Thursday) Syllabus: EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE
Earth in motion: Pushing plumes, opening oceans, sinking slabs and making mountains 
Dr Derya Gürer, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

An overview of Australian soils - old, salty and infertile
Dr Cristina Martinez, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

QLD Schools TERM 2 WEEK 10
22 June 2020 (Monday) Syllabus: PHYSICS
Precision Measurement and the Frontiers of Science
Dr Tyler Neely, School of Mathematics and Physics

23 June 2020 (Tuesday) Syllabus: CHEMISTRY
The importance of catalysts and enzymes
Dr Arti Singh, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

24 June 2020 (Wednesday) Syllabus: CHEMISTRY
The importance of enzymes: From nature to the Nobel Prize
Dr Arti Singh, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

25 June 2020 (Thursday) Syllabus: PHYSICS
Slow Light in Free Space
Dr Jacqui Romero, School of Mathematics and Physics

25 June 2020 (Thursday) Syllabus: MARINE SCIENCE
Introduction to Fisheries Management
Gail Riches, Marine Education

26 June 2020 (Friday) Syllabus: MARINE SCIENCE
The Biological Pump
Associate Professor Ron Johnstone, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

These are free seminars open to all Year 11 and 12 students and their teachers in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Kindly check all details before submitting your registration.

The University of Queensland may email you with updates and announcements. You can unsubscribe at any time. UQ Privacy Policy.

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2020 Pathways to medicine guide has been updated (Posted: 13/05/2020)

If you are interested in studying medicine, the "2020 pathways to medicine" guide has been updated to reflect the changes UQ has recently made.


A free camp for year 11 & 12 students to learn how science is solving real world challenges! Presented by Uni of Tasmania (Posted: 12/05/2020)

A free camp in Tasmania for year 11 & 12 students to learn how science is solving real world challenges!  

See first-hand the science behind some of Tasmania’s leading agricultural businesses, including a robotic dairy, commercial flower producer, cider orchard, vegetable processor and more.

Feed your mind, Feed the world is a three-day camp experience for students wanting to learn about exciting career opportunities in agricultural science.

The camp is run by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, responsible for teaching agricultural science at the University of Tasmania.

The camp is free to attend and open to year 11 and 12 students.  Meals and accommodation are included.

WHEN: 7-9 December 2020
WHERE: Camp Clayton in Ulverstone, Tasmania
COST: Free of charge
APPLY BY: 25 October 2020

(Travel costs to get to Tasmania covered by student)

Community Achiever Program at ACU (Posted: 12/05/2020)

Move forward by giving back. Our Community Achiever Program (CAP) is open to people who volunteer for local community, social justice, sporting or cultural causes. In return, you’ll gain early entry and tap into leadership and development opportunities.

ACU 30th Anniversary

What is the CAP?

The Community Achiever Program (CAP) was previously named the Early Achievers’ Program (EAP).

The program offers future students who are active in their community early entry to their undergraduate course of choice. It also provides opportunities to enhance leadership and volunteering skills.

If you’re successful in applying for the CAP, you could receive an offer to study with us as early as August.

Who is eligible?


Anyone applying for an undergraduate bachelor course at ACU, with a demonstrated history of regular volunteering experience from an approved category, is eligible.

You can apply if you are one of the following:

  • completing Year 12 schooling in Australia
  • returning to study later in life
  • a current ACU student
  • an international student completing Year 12 schooling in Australia.

We will only assess one application per person, so apply once and make it count.

Applications are open now.

For more information go to

Year 10- 12 student webinars available - Careers Department (Posted: 11/05/2020)

Online workshops, webinars and guest speaker registration forms are being added daily to the Careers Department website and hosted live every Tuesday and Thursday of Term 2. If you are unable to attend a session, the recording will be made available in your account so you can view it at your own convenience. To access these sessions, simply go to ‘EXPLORE > Live Sessions’ on the left hand menu of your account.

Webinar Location and Registration Link:

Date: Tuesday 2nd June 2020
Topic: Scholarships

Date: Thursday 4th June 2020
Topic: Apprenticeships: Applications, how they work, what to expect

Date: Tuesday 9th June 2020
Topic: Trades: The various trades and how to choose

Date: Thursday 11th June
Topic: Resume writing

Date: Tuesday 16th June
Topic: Cover letter writing

Date: Thursday 18th June
Topic: Knowing your rights at work

Academic Bootcamps at Griffith Uni (Posted: 11/05/2020)

The 2020 Academic Bootcamps are high-quality courses designed to assist students to achieve their full academic potential by improving confidence and understanding in senior subject areas, reducing anxiety around assessment while preparing students for future tertiary study. Subjects offered are Maths Methods, Chemistry, Physics & Biology.

Held in the school holidays, our Academic Bootcamps give students a distinct advantage in progressing through their senior studies. Designed and delivered by committed and enthusiastic lead teachers, who are specialists in the subject area and currently teaching these topics in schools. The Academic Bootcamps are specifically designed to assist students to:
  • revise and consolidate knowledge in their subjects,
  • increase confidence in preparing for exams
  • provide invaluable tips on study skills and techniques specific to the subject
  • experience their subject matter from a different perspective
  • seek answers for specific queries and
  • give students an extra edge in upcoming exams and assessments.
Year 11 Dates: 29 June - 3 July 2020 (Monday to Friday) - ONLINE ONLY - Register here:
Year 12 Dates: 28 September - 2 October 2020 (Monday to Friday) - ONLINE or ON CAMPUS (TBA) - Register here:
All subjects will be run in a half-day format, allowing students to register for up to two subjects. COST: $125 per course. This is inclusive of the 17.5 hours of delivery and course notes specifically developed for the course. Places are limited

Updates from some of the Universities in light of the Corona Virus (Posted: 08/05/2020)

Australian National University

Year 12 student can have the of an unconditional offer for the 2021 academic year, based on their year 11 school results. Students can apply now using their year 11 results, and successful applicants will receive their offers on 10 August. Applications must be received by May 25. 
If students are not confident that their year 11 results will be enough, they can still apply now and wait for their year 12 results.

More information about the new options and the University’s admissions policy is available on our website at  

As COVID-19 brings an unprecedented situation to Australia and the world, we wanted to ensure you that your desire to attend ANU for study remains a priority for us.  
To provide you with support and advice throughout this period, we will continue to be available to answer your questions and to provide guidance regarding the impact of University decisions on your application.   
In order achieve to this, our Enquiry Team is now working from home and we have closed our phone lines. This is to ensure we can remain operational throughout this period, while respecting the advice from the Australian Government.  However, you are still encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns, and we offer several other ways you can get in touch:  We hope that you stay safe during this time, and we look forward to seeing you on campus as soon as it is possible. 

Queensland University of Technology

A message from QUT
While QUT is not be able to visit your school over the next few months, we want to assure you and your parents that we are still here to help support you with your post-school study options and answer any questions you have about courses and careers at QUT. Make sure you don’t miss out on any events, key dates or QUT news by registering with us at
QUT events
All QUT course and careers events scheduled through until June have been postponed or cancelled, including Careers and Employment Expo, Parents Information Seminar and Get Ready for Uni Day for Year 11 and 12 students. A decision is yet to be made about QUT Open Day which is scheduled for 26 July. We will stay in touch with your school over the next few months to provide further information or you can visit
QUT online resources for students to access
The QUT website is still your best resource for all QUT course, admission and scholarships information. 
Visit or access other resources including: Talk to us
QUT staff are still available to answer any questions you have via live chat and email, and also offer 15-minute phone appointments with career educators for prospective students. Visit

The University of Queensland

UQ COVID-19 announcement
In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, and Government advice to slow the rate of community transmission, the University of Queensland has made the decision to cancel all University events unless they are critical to teaching or research. This includes student, academic and public events on and off-campus until the end of June 2020. Therefore, all face to face outreach activities such as in-school presentations, school expos, workshops and campus visits are to be cancelled, rescheduled or re-imagined. The Careers that Shape the World event will be postponed to a later date or hosted within the digital space. UQ sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.

UQ digital course guides are available to download here


USC announcement
USC has announced:
As you know, COVID-19 is forcing us all to evaluate our activities and interactions to keep our communities safe, so USC has made the decision to suspend all face-to-face events with students, schools, parents and the community.While we are suspending these face-to-face events, we are committed to developing other ways to provide you with information about USC, so keep an eye on your inbox for our Parent Lounge email which includes information and resources for our parent community. In addition to the Parent Lounge, USC has a wealth of existing online resources that are available for our communities to use. These include:
  • Talk with USC: live chat where you can chat online with USC students
  • Vlogging USC: YouTube channel showcasing the real lives of USC students
  • Virtual campus tours: explore our campuses in an online 360-degree environment
  • USC website: comprehensive information about study pathways and programs, events and activities
If you have any questions during this difficult time, our Student Central team is always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone 07 5430 2890. 



JCU webinars (Posted: 08/05/2020)

Three students in scrubsCareers in Health
Tuesday 9 June - 4pm (AEST)

Join us for the JCU Careers in Health Webinar presented by Professor Richard Murray. Be inspired by the wide range of career options available in the human and animal healthcare industries, and have all your questions answered.

Featured Panellist:

Professor Richard Murray

Who should attend?

Students interested in careers in the human and animal healthcare industries.

Register Now


JCU tutoring student

Application-based Programs -
Tuesday 28 July 2020 - 4pm (AEST)

Not sure what to do for application-based programs?

Have your questions answered for how to apply for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery or Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

This webinar will provide information to help you confidently complete your application with JCU, and provide insight into other course options you could select for your preferences.

Who should attend?

Students looking to apply to one of JCU's application-based programs.

Register Now


Are you considering JCU? Early offer program available now (Posted: 07/05/2020)

If you are considering James Cook University, an early offer program is now available for all Year 12 students. The offer is based upon a school recommendation that includes academic and character attributes. This opportunity is available for most courses (but it is not available for medicine, vet science or dentistry).

If you are intersted in finding out more, please contact Mrs Staley


ADF gap year is now open! (Posted: 07/05/2020)

You can now apply for the 2021 Australian Defence Force (ADF) Gap Year, to experience life in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

It’s an opportunity to experience military life, without committing to a longer period - 'signing up'.
An ADF Gap Year is a way to have an adventurous year, gain valuable skills and work experience and get paid for it.
In 2021 there are
27 roles to choose from across the Army, Navy and Air Force from administration to cabin crew to artillery operator to driver to engineer and more.
Be aware that it is a very popular program and once all roles are filled the program will close.

Click here to find out how to apply and you must be an Australian citizen, aged between 18 and 24 years on admission and have completed Year 12 (required passes vary by job).



Please see the attached document for important information for medicine veterinary science and dentistry courses in NSW and ACT.


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